METAL ABBA - The Beginning

When the band idea METAL ABBA began, it started with the love of ABBA but the style of music, even though progessive, did not appeal to everyone. When researching the idea, we came accross others who had the same inspiration. We wanted to make it more mainstream but keeping the original sound in tact. So we began finding members with the same influences and love of progressive rock in the form of ABBA. All of us had the same feeling when first hearing the idea and looked forward to creating a great project. METAL ABBA was formed!  


As we started advertising the idea and getting all the music and sets together, we noticed a confusion and curiousity. So many wondering what this could sound like. We had to satisfy people that even though the name was METAL ABBA, the singing would NOT be, as we call it, COOKIE MOSTER VOCALS! We kept the original style of singing with harmonies, but just put a harder edge on the sound of the music!


We always appreciate, welcome and listen to feedback to better improve our performance. Which is why we have thoughly enjoyed all our feed back! "I love dancing to Metal Abba!" "I don't like Abba but I love this!!" "I am not sure either to headbang or dance! Great IDEA!" "I can never listen to ABBA the same again..I WANT METAL ABBA!"


Again we are always listening and because there are so many great songs to play. If there is a song you would like us to add to our set list, we will be happy to do so. Also if you would ever want Metal ABBA to come to your area, feel free to contact us.


All of us at METAL ABBA


    Chris is the most entertaining singer you will see on stage because of his energy and love of the Stage!


    Tom lives to perform. Playing Keys and Guitar he IS the rhythm section that drives the band



    Joel is an amazing progresive metal speed guitarist that gives everything on stage. His sound and style is next to none and rivals the greats!


    John is a bass player that drives the bands performance everytime he is on stage. John's  multiple styles make him the MAN!


Jon is a hard hitting metal progresive drummer that with his experience drives the band to new levels!